Residential Property Tax Calculator

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The proposed property tax levy and public hearing notice you received in the mail is confusing and doesn’t show how much your taxes will increase. Use the calculator below to estimate your tax bill’s change.

1. Enter your residential property’s assessment. You can find this on your County Assessor’s website or by calling them.

2. Enter the current and proposed tax rates from the notice received in the mail. The image below the calculator shows where to find the rates on the statement.

3. If you don’t like what you see, attend your public hearing. Share your frustration with your school board, county supervisors, or city council. This is the last chance to change your property tax bill!

This calculator only estimates and does not provide the exact amount of your taxes. Your actual bill may vary from this estimate. Do not use this calculator for agriculturally or commercially classified property.

Here is where to find your current and proposed levy rates on the School, County, and City Budget Year Statement that was mailed to all property owners. Enter these rates into the calculator:

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