Bellevue School District

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School districts in Iowa are the largest part of your property tax bill.

The amount local governments choose to spend determines your tax bill, not assessments, taxable values, exemptions, or credits. A reasonable property tax growth rate would be one that is close to the combined percent change of inflation and the school’s enrollment. If your taxes are unreasonable, take advantage of public hearings to let your school board know how you feel.

The Iowa Department of Education states, "Per pupil expenditure amounts, while informative, provide an incomplete framework in which to understand statewide, district, or school expenditure levels. A wide range of per pupil expenditure values exist as the result of a multitude of district and school differences statewide.

Sources: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Iowa Dept. of Education, and Iowa Dept. of Management. Calculations and charts by Iowans for Tax Relief and ITR Foundation.

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